Friday, 7 September 2012

5 Sure Self-Motivation Strategies for All Writers

Did you know that Stephen King received dozens of rejection letters when he started his writing career? Do you know what he did to achieve the great success that most writers envy today? 

New writers, like Stephen King, are born every single day. Some succeed, some fail. It’s the harsh truth, believe it or not. Probably, you are reading this because you want to be a successful writer. I know you hate failure and I am here to give you a formula that will propel your writing career. However, don’t get me wrong when I use the word “formula”. 

The so called “formula” is what you have been spending so much money on. You probably have paid $1000 for it or wasted so much precious time searching for it. The wise men say, “Time is money”. Well, I am here to waste your golden time no more. I am here to tell you what many ‘so called experts’ have failed to tell you.

“Self-motivation”. There you go. I just mentioned it. When I mentioned that you probably have lost money, I meant that you probably have attended expensive seminars to listen to motivational speakers. I don’t regret for a minute saying that you lost because even after attending them, you are still dissatisfied. You hoped for a magic formula to be given to you on a silver platter by these motivational speakers. Where is it? It’s nowhere and probably there never will be. There is none. Hate me all you want.

Self motivation is the key to success in your writing career. It is broad but I have broken it down into sure strategies that will help you become a better writer and reap rewards of your hard work. You no longer have to devour all there is on self-motivation. I have done it for you and no one else will ever do it better.

The 5 self-motivation strategies that I present to you will enlighten you and I believe that you will become a better writer. As you read them, you will notice that I have included a question for each for maximum internalization. As a result, you will always recall and utilize them any time in your writing career. Here they are:
1.    Carefully select what you do
Do you carefully select what you do? I guess the question you have is, “How does self-motivation relate with what I select to do?” Well, the answer is simple. When writing, you want to achieve a certain goal, may it be gaining more readers or impressing your client to get a better offer. Therefore, the end goal is your main motivation. There is no way you can work towards achieving a goal you haven’t planned for and in most instances you will find yourself back to square one. In other words, you are not motivated. Be wise and select carefully what you do and you will see instant results in your writing career.
2.    Always remember what excites you most
Do you always remember what excites you most while writing? After carefully selecting what to do, keep in mind what excites you most. For instance, you have a vision of attracting more monthly visitors to your blog. Getting a bigger reader audience is your sole vision and you will work towards it. In other words, it excites you to know that at the end of the day you will achieve your vision. Therefore, this will motivate you to work harder and endure those sleepless nights.
3.    Use deadlines, encouragement, and support to your advantage
Do you always use deadlines, encouragement and support to your advantage? Imagine that you don’t have a deadline. When will you ever complete that novel you have been hired to ghostwrite? My guess is you will never complete it, you will procrastinate till Jesus or Mohammed returns. Deadlines are the best motivator. Personally, deadlines are my best friend. Behind every successful writer, there is a great real friend offering support and encouragement. When I know that I have a friend waiting to read a piece of article I am working on, I am more motivated to produce a masterpiece than when no one is waiting to have a look at it. A real friend will give you more ideas or even commend you. Surround yourself with real friends and you will see great results in your writing career.
4.    Overcome the writer’s block
Have you overcome the writer’s block? Imagine what the world would be if all writers didn’t overcome fear of writing. I prefer to call it writer’s block. We wouldn’t have any literature to read and probably would never get helpful information. For instance, if I never overcame writer’s block, you would never have received great strategies for self-motivation. I believe that you too are important and you have what it takes to pass on great messages through writing. Simply get out of your cocoon (of fear) and show the world what you got. You never realize your potential until you express your idea through writing to others. Overcoming the writer’s block will serve as a great motivation in your writing career.  

5.    Spend less of your precious time reworking
Do you spend all your precious time reworking? My friend, nothing in this world is 100% perfect. Perfectionism doesn’t work in the writing world. Reediting that article you have been working on over and over again will demotivate you and probably you will never achieve writing success. My advice is, post that article you have written in your blog and request for comments. You will garner ideas on how to improve your article. There is always room for updating your work. This way, you will stay focused and motivated.  

I believe that these self-motivation strategies will help you in your writing career. I am sorry to say that reading them won’t help much. Act on them. Read and internalize them. They are your surest way to success. 

Please share with friends and colleagues to make the world a better place for all of us. They deserve to learn too.
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