Monday, 15 October 2012

5 Best Times to Start a Small Business

Is there a best time to start a small business?

Several weeks ago, I set forth to find out whether there is really “a best time” to start a small business. I can’t imagine I spent sleepless nights researching on this question. However, I am glad to say I learnt a lot and I don’t regret a minute of it. The “times” were countless. However, I can’t list all of them here because time and space can’t allow. I choose to reveal to you only the best times that I came across. Here they are:

1.      Just Broke Up
“Just Broke Up” is the best time to start a small business. Do you know why? You’ve got all the time in the world to think about business, draw a business plan, and fantasize how successful you’ll become. No one is calling or demanding you to be with him or her. Moreover, the extra cash you spent on expensive dinners, outings and gifts can now be saved and used to start a small business. The bottom line is, you have all what is required to be a successful entrepreneur i.e. money and time.  So if you just broke up, why not establish your dream business?

2.      Just Got Sick
Do you know why “just got sick” is the best time to start a business? You’re comfortably lying in bed. Besides, no one is asking you demanding questions apart from “are you feeling well/better?” and the like. This means that you’ve got the peace and time to think of a business venture and draw up a comprehensive business plan. All what it takes to succeed in business is an idea and a business plan to support it. So if you just got sick, go ahead and start your dream small business.

3.      Just During Recession
USA Today reports that 16 out of 30 corporations in the U.S., for instance Microsoft, were established during recession.
There are plenty of reasons why starting a business during recession is good. The most interesting one is that competition is low as most vendors are closing down their businesses. In addition, deflation makes things cheaper to purchase hence you can start your venture at a small cost.

4.      Just Got Fired
Why is “just got fired” a best time?
Most people always say, you probably involved, that they’ll start a business when they retire or quit their jobs. They forget that money is a drug. The pay slip is addictive and once you “get high on it” there is no turning back. Worse, there is no “pay slip addiction” rehab. If your boss fires you, he or she has made quitting your job easier. Finally, you can broadly smile because no one is giving you orders anymore. You are your own boss! Besides, you’ve got all the time to start a business and plan because you no longer have to wake up early, report at your workplace at 8 and leave at 5.

5.      Just Fell in Love
Pulling resources to start a small business is, and probably will always be, a nightmare to most entrepreneurs. Moreover, entrepreneurs have to spend their time to manage their ventures before they can stand on their feet.
“Just fell in love” is the best time to start a business because you finally got yourself a “co-founder”. Pulling resources is finally easier because you’re two. Managing becomes easier too because two heads are better than one!

The above “best times to start a small business” have their setbacks. Take for instance “just got sick” time. When you’re sick, you probably are in pain and don’t have energy to get out of bed. “Just broke up” too is not a good time because for one you’re stressed and lost.

The bottom line is there is NO such thing as “the best time to start a small business”. The best time is NOW!
PS: Kindly help me improve this article by suggesting any grammatical errors or typos. Your suggestions are welcome.

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