Tuesday, 16 October 2012

How to Start a DJ Business

Do you want to start a DJ business? Do you know how to go about it? Or, have you already purchased the necessary equipment and don’t know the next course of action to take?

In the recent past, demand for affordable professional DJs has gone up. Hiring professional DJs like Homeboyz DJs is expensive. Why? Competition is low because there are a handful professional DJs. If you are still in the amateur league, competition is high and probably you’ll never win a well-paying gig.  

Don’t give up because you are in the right place where you can learn to join the top leagues and make money out of your passion. Passion itself can make you millions.
You will learn the most important steps that you should follow to succeed in the DJ business. I will do my best to explain these steps. However, if you don’t act on them, you’ll probably never succeed in the DJ business. Here they are…

1.      Come up with a catchy DJ/ DJ crew name
You’re in the entertainment industry and fans love to hear great “street” names that distinguish you from the pack. If your name is Dennis, don’t go with DJ Dennis and expect to become famous. It doesn’t work that way my friend. I bet you know that most of the famous DJs in the world don’t use their real names.
Coming up with a catchy name is not complete until you check it on the Internet, or any other place, to ensure that it’s unique in that no one else has taken it.

2.      Define your style
Your style is your selling point. I am a music fan and I like listening to DJs who have a clear style that has been described in a few words. For instance, don’t say “We are Kenyan DJs”. Instead say, “We are the Hottest DJs in Nairobi”.

3.      Record good mix sets
Music fans will know about you or your crew through good mix sets. The frequency in which they play or share your mix sets will determine whether you become famous or simply sink in the entertainment world. The big question is:
How do they get your mix sets?
Soundcloud.com is a good place to upload your mix sets. In addition, ensure that you create a profile that contains all the information about you.
Moreover, approach great DJs or producers who will easily connect you to music fans.

4.      Present yourself in a good and easy way
Writing a good bio text, taking good press photos and posting them in your website or social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or Linked In will introduce you to your targeted music fans.  In addition, ensure that your contact details are easily visible to allow fans to contact you any time they want your DJ services. If possible, determine your rates and let them fans know about them.

5.      Establish good connections and fan base with social media
You bear me witness that social media has made marketing inexpensive. It’s free to create fan pages on Facebook that will let your audience know what you’re doing or possibly up to. In addition, you can leverage Youtube, Twitter, and Sound Cloud to reach your fans and grow your fan base.

6.      Release a good track (s) that attract great attention
Good tracks stimulate the fan’s urge to know more about you or your crew. Good tracks will not only earn you good ratings but also a great name that will earn you high paying gigs. Moreover, you stand a great chance to grow a fan base that can buy your mix sets online or at local music stores.
a.      Prove your worth by releasing good mix sets. If possible, distribute your mix sets or offer your services for free for some time.
b.      Create a brand for your DJ business. Ensure you get a professional website done. Moreover, create catchy business cards that you can distribute around for booking events.


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